Project #1: Digital Humanities Start-up Grant Proposal (Level II)

Part 1:

For the first major project of the semester, you will draft a grant proposal to fund a digital history project under the guidelines for a Level II NEH Office of Digital Humanities Start-up Grant. These proposals need not be confined to the production of a traditional website, but rather could include the development of new tools, or mobile computing applications. The key here will be that you establish the need for your project that relates to historical method or inquiry and propose a sound solution to that need.

Following the guidelines, you will have to fully imagine the project, situate it in the context of other digital humanities projects, and plan for its completion. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to include appendices that support your proposal, including mock-ups, and workflow diagrams. The length of the narrative is limited to six single spaced pages, but you may include up to 10 pages of graphic appendices.

Drafts due: October 3, 2011. Drafts and attachments should be made available through your website.

Part 2:

Once the drafts are complete, you should review and comment your colleagues proposals. The goal here is to be able to offer constructive criticism.

During class, each student will have 5 minutes to make presentation about their project using Prezi. We will then have a brief discussion. Time will be tight on this, so focused and helpful criticism is important. Everyone will have a week to revise her proposal and appendices based on the comments and discussion.

Presentations: October 11, 2011.

Final Projects due: October 17, 2011

Project #2: Digital History Project Proof of Concept

For your major project for the semester you will build an alpha version of your proposed project. The scope and shape of your project will likely change through the semester as you discover more about digital history methods and tools.

Additionally, you will produce a six to eight page whitepaper discussing the ways that the choices you’ve made with respect to design and functionality relate to the historical inquiry question that drives your work.

Presentations and discussion: November 28, 2011

Final Projects due: December 13, 2011 at 5:00pm

Late work will not be accepted.

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