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Evaluation of Digital Scholarship

Based on our class discussions, here are the criteria you developed for evaluating digital scholarship:

  1. Is the audience for the work clear? Is the content appropriate for the needs of this audience?
  2. Does the project offer new and innovative scholarship and or use of technology? If so, how does it fit in the larger field of current historical work? Is the scholarship sound by the shared standards of the profession?
  3. Is the project an appropriate use of the digital medium? Does it produce work that could not be done as well in an analogue venue?
  4. Is it widely accessible, both in terms of its usability by persons with disabilities and in its general availability without barriers of cost or membership?
  5. Does the project produce something that can be built upon? Is it a national model? Does it facilitate other work?
  6. **Has the work process and collaboration been documented so that the contributions of project partners are clear and fully credited?
  7. **Has the project gained a user based? Has it achieved its stated goals? If it was a failure, why and what can be learned from it?

With the exception of the final two elements, I will use this criteria to evaluate your digital scholarship prototypes. This is the final project for the course and it makes up 30% of your grade.

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