Week 9 (11-2-2015)

Visualization, Networks, and Distant Reading

Discussion Leaders: Rawlings and Sadler



  • Visualize your data using Palladio. (Consult the Palladio Documentation.) Focus on graphs, not maps.
  • Create a network visualization Gephi and Gephi for Macs
  • Gather a set of plain-text documents (at least 10). Use Voyant Tools or Voyant Server to explore the corpus. Try some of the visualization options. (Consult the Voyant Documentation.)
  • Use the MALLET GUI to topic model the same texts.
  • Write a blog post reflecting on these kinds of visualizations and approaches to text mining. Which are the most useful for your work at this time? What applications can you envision in the future? How would your research change if you incorporated these approaches into your process?