Agenda, Week 7 — Data

  • What is data? Why do we care? Matthew Lincoln’s “Tidy (Art Historical) Data”
  • Working with data: tools and transformations
  • Break
  • Reviewing Project Proposals: See assigned partners and criteria. Comment on each factor and assign a score of (1 to 5):
    • The intellectual significance of the project for the humanities, including its potential to enhance research, teaching, and learning in the humanities.
    • The likelihood that the project will stimulate or facilitate new research of value to
      scholars and general audiences in the humanities, or use new digital technologies to
      communicate humanities scholarship to broad audiences.
    • The quality of innovation in terms of the idea, approach, and/or methods under
      consideration, and the appropriateness of the technology employed in the project.
    • The quality of the conception, definition, organization, and description of the project and the applicant’s clarity of expression.
    • The feasibility of the plan of work, including whether the start-up activities will
      significantly contribute to the project’s long-term goals.
    • The qualifications, expertise, and levels of commitment of the project director and key
      project staff or contributors.
  • Spatial History Prep

Agenda, Week 2, Field or Method

  1. Questions from our first meeting?
  2. Field or Method: Where does Digital History fit in the discipline of History?
  3. Rubrics: What do we value in digital history work?
  4. Projects: Where are the gaps in your field?
  5. Looking ahead to next week: Designing and building

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