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Histories of the National Mall

Mall_homeMillions of people come to the Mall each year to visit and learn inside its museums and to gather outdoors at its memorials and monuments. By gathering at these places of memory, visitors share their understandings of our national values, rights, and obligations. In this way, the Mall is a place of ongoing conversations about what it means to be American. The Mall is also a part of the vibrant everyday life for the residents and workers of Washington, DC who call this city home. Histories of the National Mall is a mobile optimized website provides visitors with access to a rigorous interpretation of the history and culture of the National Mall as a space where national identity is built, negotiated, celebrated, protested, and remembered. Funding for the site has been provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Position: Co-Director (PI)


Awards: 2015 National Council on Public History’s Outstanding Public History Project

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