PWD in the Chronicle

Don’t miss the nice profile of the Papers of the War Department and our use of community transcription in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

PWD has been the primary testing ground for our work on Scripto. Though the article voices some concern about the ability of community transcription to add efficiency to the documentary editing process, it nails the important benefits for community building and user investment.

About Sharon Leon

Sharon M. Leon is Director of Public Projects at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and Associate Professor of History at George Mason University. Her research interests include the history of religion in the U.S., especially Roman Catholicism, history of science and twentieth century cultural history. She received her bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and her doctorate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota in 2004. Her first book, An Image of God: the Catholic Struggle with Eugenics, was published by the University of Chicago Press in 2013.
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